So just how widely used are our Aviation products? (Infographic)

May 2, 2014 | Airports   |  0 Comments

Human Recognition Systems have been active in the Aviation space for over 10 years, but just how widely used are our systems and what level of passengers and staff do our systems process?

Well, we've created a handy infographic that illustrates just why our products continue to be the choice of the leading airports in the UK. Click on the below image to enlarge:

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Proof positive - using biometrics to build better communities

April 14, 2014 | Biometrics   |   Unique Communities   |  0 Comments

In asymmetric warfare or humanitarian aid missions, military and NGO personnel work among local populations and need a confident means of accurately identifying the target group that they're going to be working with.

We have carried out work in a southern African country that is in the process of building some of the infrastructures the developed world takes for granted, such as police, the military and correction facilities. It's a fledgling society, with some men turning up to be police officers who are already registered as soldiers. In these environments, biometrics identify people to enable authorities to best work with the local communities to create the new core infrastructures.

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Military challenges pose tougher obstacles than commercial

April 10, 2014 | Biometrics   |   Unique Communities   |  0 Comments

It may seem obvious, but the demands placed on biometric systems by the military are far tougher than the commercial world. The unique environment in which we have to deploy military systems is typically without a reliable power supply and in an asynchronous format; that is with no reliable network connection.

Physically military systems have to be robust and rugged, survive challenging environmental factors such as water and sand, and foolproof as they may be in the hands of young military people on the front line, who have to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively, often under pressure.

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New CEO Neil Norman primes Human Recognition Systems for growth

February 14, 2014 | News   |  0 Comments

I AM solution offers individual identification certainty to the aviation, construction and oil and gas sectors

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) is pleased to announce that Neil Norman, the company’s innovative founder, has been re-appointed as Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect. Neil Norman’s appointment will be instrumental in establishing HRS’ Identity Assured Management (I AM) product suite as the global standard for the safe and effective management of controlled working environments.

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Our vision for the future of airports

December 18, 2013 | Biometrics   |   Airports   |  0 Comments

Following our recent white paper and our series of blogs on managing passenger flow, I outline the Human Recognition Systems vision for the future of airports.

Our vision for the future of airports has always been to enable a fully biometric airport for passengers and workers. An airport where ID cards, tickets and even one day, passports are a thing of the past, where the processing of passengers is quick and secure through automated eGates, and operations are tracked through real-time dashboards and the personalised passenger experience returns.

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