31 Mar

Dan Rennie

Neil Norman Appears on Newsnight

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If you tuned in to BBC 2 on the evening of Thursday 24th March, you may have seen our CEO and Founder sharing his expertise in response to the recent Brussels Terror Attacks on Newsnight, the famous current affairs show. 

The conversation cast a spotlight on the growing calls for more to be done to anticipate future atrocities, and for governments and transportation bodies to provide the greatest level of protection possible in public places through the latest available solutions.

Having overseen many large-scale biometric deployments around the world, including many in major transportation hubs, Neil is in a unique position to offer insights into the potential of technology to provide extra barriers to terrorist threats.

Neil Norman said:

“One of the things that is going to have to be considered is pushing back the barriers, at the moment we only stop and check people at the ticket presentation point, whereas other airports around the world, in East Africa for example, tend to push the barrier out further.” 

On the difficult subject of profiling potential threats, Neil pointed to the work done by ICAO (Intentional Civil Aviation Organisation), a body within the United Nations. For a number of years, ICAO have been encouraging airports to introduce a grading system of profiling, so different threats can be distinguished from one another with a degree of randomisation.

Neil Norman added:

“If you look at the profile of individuals who tend to commit these sorts of terrorist acts, they do fit a particular profile. It’s not comfortable for us to discuss perhaps, but I think there are ways and means (to profile them) and the ICAO has been looking to investigate this further”.

You can watch a clip of the Newsnight discussion below.  

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