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MForce - Applying Biometrics to Remote Locations & Communities

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With the refugee crisis and other recent world events highlighting the need for solutions that guarantee a person's identity, in difficult circumstances and hostile locations no technology offers the same kind of accuracy as biometrics. To meet these global needs with this solution, we developed MForce.

MForce is a unique, portable platform that can be deployed through a variety of devices. It allows organisations working in adverse environments to identify large numbers of people with certainty and keep their data on record. Ideally suited to humanitarian organisations, governments and militaries, MForce offers the clear benefits of biometric technology accompanied by the advanced, user friendly software HRS is famous for.



Our work with the UN is one of this company's proudest achievements, and with a recent long term agreement signed, this relationship is only set to grow in the next few years. 

Over the last 6 years, MForce has been an essential tool supporting multiple use cases and is now focused on the positive identification of government personnel in Somalia to manage payments (Stipend, Salary & Allowance), training and assets.

Click here to read the full UN case study



As part of our commitment to deliver the most advanced products for our customers, strategic updates are a huge part of our work. With version 5 of MForce, there are some incredible features created with the help of direct UN feedback.

  • Enterprise Update - Version 5 was an enterprise update for the MForce server application with significant updates to database management and the de-duplication and sync process.
  • Automatic Updates - As most of the current MForce equipment is in remote locations, updating every hardware device can be an issue. Version 5 allows automatic updates to be implemented from a central location with ease. 


  • Dashboard - MSite and MTrust are two of our products known for their easy user interface. We have now brought the same fantastic reporting software to MForce. Using the dashboard, the UN can find key data, run reports and view this information on any device. Another example of our development team going the extra mile to deliver a truly great piece of software for our customers. 

With MForce, we have a system with the capacity to revolutionise the way identities are confirmed and managed through difficult circumstances across the globe. Applicable to a wide variety of situations, click below to read more about this amazing system or contact us now.

Download the MForce PDF

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