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Jim Slevin is Managing Director - Aviation at Human Recognition Systems. Prior to joining HRS Jim spent 22 years working within the Aviation Industry in a range of technical and management roles - latterly as “Group Security Risk and Identity Manager” at the largest UK airports operator group, BAA.
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The current state of biometrics and technology in Airports Pt. 1

September 11, 2014 | Airports   |  0 Comments

A large number of different biometric modalities exist in the marketplace. However the most prevalent in airports are:

Face Recognition

Facial Recognition is used across the EU for ePassport eGates and by Human Recognition System for the most accurate journey and queue time measurement within MFlow.

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Our vision for the future of airports

December 18, 2013 | Biometrics   |   Airports   |  0 Comments

Following our recent white paper and our series of blogs on managing passenger flow, I outline the Human Recognition Systems vision for the future of airports.

Our vision for the future of airports has always been to enable a fully biometric airport for passengers and workers. An airport where ID cards, tickets and even one day, passports are a thing of the past, where the processing of passengers is quick and secure through automated eGates, and operations are tracked through real-time dashboards and the personalised passenger experience returns.

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