30 Nov

Dan Rennie

Our Work With Amazon Web Services

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amazon-web-services-logo.jpgAmazon Web Services (AWS) is one of our key partners in bringing you the most effective cloud based workforce management solutions, and we are pleased to announce the release of a case study by AWS exploring our work together. 

We felt AWS were the perfect company to provide secure and reliable data storage to compliment our revolutionary suite of products. As we rely heavily on hosting data securely in the cloud, it was important to invest in a robust system that would help fulfill our key product aims of safety and security.

Neil Norman, our CEO and founder said: “We are re-imagining the way in which companies manage and protect their workforce through a series of on-demand cloud workforce systems. Critical to our success is having a technical delivery platform that is bulletproof, reliable, and will grow as we grow.”

Click here to read the Amazon Web Services case study

Our 3 core products; MTrust (Right Person), MSkills (Right Skills) and MSite (Right Place), all use a secure AWS host for their data. The importance of data security in the industries we serve cannot be understated, so how do you manage yours? If you work in construction, the white paper below should help you ask the right questions of your cloud hosting provider.

Download our White Paper to learn the 5 questions to ask your cloud hosting provider


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