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Jim Slevin

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Our vision for the future of airports

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Jim Slevin

Following our recent white paper and our series of blogs on managing passenger flow, I outline the Human Recognition Systems vision for the future of airports.

Our vision for the future of airports has always been to enable a fully biometric airport for passengers and workers. An airport where ID cards, tickets and even one day, passports are a thing of the past, where the processing of passengers is quick and secure through automated eGates, and operations are tracked through real-time dashboards and the personalised passenger experience returns.

This vision is well on track to be reality. Built on our existing platform of successful implementations, we provide proven technology solutions specific to the aviation sector enabling a single, seamless passenger identity across the airport footprint. This ability to know who is who will enable airports to scale in size and aspirations significantly and be the real game changer in the industry.

Our Vision for the future of airports

As a passenger, it means having your own personal journey through the airport. It means reducing time at the airport to fast track certain business travellers and providing access to additional facilities for others. This is all achieved with the comfort of knowing that security is not compromised but indeed enhanced to meet or exceed regulatory compliance and queues are minimised to ensure a great passenger experience.

This vision for the future of airports puts the passenger, the customer, at the heart of the operation and makes them a shared customer to be focused on and cared for by all parties at the airport – be that airlines, the airport, handlers or control authorities. We believe it is the realisation of this vision which will define the airports of the future.

This is an excerpt from our white paper - Why you should measure passenger flow through your airport

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