12 Feb

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The-Team-Neil-NormanIt’s been another busy start to the year for Human Recognition Systems (HRS to our friends) and it has really brought home my desire as CEO of HRS to ensure that we are being consistently innovative and continually improving and developing our existing products.

We know our customers are used to products that continually improve and make their life easier. Modern business customers are more informed and have more options in terms of what they buy and from whom they buy it. Essentially, customers won't accept mediocrity and neither will we.

Lincoln-PortraitBut innovation is not just limited to our products. It is also in how we deliver our products to market, how we operate as a business and how we market and sell our products. That is why you will consistently see stories on this blog about our latest innovations in products, delivery and in how we present ourselves and our solutions to market.

It won’t be a one-off. I have made it a key goal of mine to create a culture of constant innovation within HRS. All our staff are encouraged and rewarded for coming up with new ideas that will enhance our products, improve our business and most of all make our customers’ lives easier. Over the coming months you will see these ideas come to fruition in improved products and service to you.

And on the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, it reminds me of one of his famous quotes, that I strive to drive HRS by, “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion”.

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