27 Nov

Simon Appleton

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Update from... Design

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In the latest of our series of "Update from..." Simon Appleton discusses what he will be focussing on in Q4.

For the Design team, this newsletter coincides with a pivotal change of focus - a temporary shift away from marketing and back to product design (all of which we continue to do in-house).


In Marketing, we have seen some dramatic changes in how we present our business, the most outwardly obvious being our new website. The site has acted  as a catalyst for us really think about how we simplify our message and brands  across a diverse range of media including web, print and video. For the first time, we are producing animated explainer videos to explain how our products work and overall, strengthening the alignment our products to their intended industries, making the information generally much easier to find and digest.

Looking ahead from now until the end of this year, we have some exciting changes taking place in product design and development. MSite will unveil a completely new user interface next month, boasting a responsive HTML 5 design that will allow it to operate across all manner of web-enabled devices, including smart phones and tablets. I see this is a perfect marriage of technological advancement and developing challenges in industry, as construction site managers are continually encouraged to leave the confines of their traditional ‘laptop in office’ setting and get out on site. This new version of MSite will allow them to do this with the reassurance of having real-time visibility of their site’s performance with them, wherever they are.

MSite will also launch with a completely new dashboard to monitor key site statistics in real time – potentially life-saving snippets of information such as alerting when there are no first-aiders, or there are less than 5 people on site.

Getting back in touch with our culture of innovation also means that the Design team is well fed with fantastic, customer driven ideas with which we are entrusted to make tangible - something that can be rapidly prototyped and then turned into a reality. We are now in the design stages of the first of several outputs of this new re-invigorated culture. Additional modules including Delivery Management for MSite and enhanced Referencing Tools for MTrust, are just some of the new features which we hope will boost productivity for our customers in construction and airports respectively.


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