IFSEC 2014: Neil Norman presents to the Oil & Gas Industry

June 18, 2014 | Oil and Gas   |   Biometrics   |  0 Comments

On Tuesday 17th June 2014, I presented at IFSEC 2014 in the SMART Buildings Theatre within the IFSEC section of the exhibition.

Taking place on the 17-19 June 2014 at the ExCeL London, IFSEC International is the largest event for the security industry, bringing together the entire security buying chain in one place.

The event covers more than just traditional security and fire solutions. This innovative event covers access control and biometrics, counter terror, CCTV and video surveillance, intruder alarms, IP security, intelligent buildings, physical security and lone workers.

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So you think you know Human Recognition Systems?

May 28, 2014 | Human Recognition Systems   |  0 Comments

In the early days of Human Recognition Systems, I used to end the week by asking “who’s heard about us this week?” Frankly, it doesn’t matter about the great things you are doing if no-one knows about them and this is an attempt to share some of the exciting and pioneering work we have been doing and what Products we have been building behind the scenes. It is a small window into HRS and I hope you like it!

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10 things we didn't know last quarter...

May 22, 2014 | Human Recognition Systems   |  0 Comments

Each quarter we will look back at the previous quarter and summarise the top 10 things we discovered that we didn't know before...

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Shell bolsters security & safety in challenging oilfield environment

May 15, 2014 | Oil and Gas   |   News   |  0 Comments

Deployment of Human Recognition Systems’ MSite Mobile enables live mobile mustering and access points to be established in Middle East oilfield.

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So just how widely used are our Aviation products? (Infographic)

May 2, 2014 | Airports   |  0 Comments

Human Recognition Systems have been active in the Aviation space for over 10 years, but just how widely used are our systems and what level of passengers and staff do our systems process?

Well, we've created a handy infographic that illustrates just why our products continue to be the choice of the leading airports in the UK. Click on the below image to enlarge:

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Proof positive - using biometrics to build better communities

April 14, 2014 | Biometrics   |   Unique Communities   |  0 Comments

In asymmetric warfare or humanitarian aid missions, military and NGO personnel work among local populations and need a confident means of accurately identifying the target group that they're going to be working with.

We have carried out work in a southern African country that is in the process of building some of the infrastructures the developed world takes for granted, such as police, the military and correction facilities. It's a fledgling society, with some men turning up to be police officers who are already registered as soldiers. In these environments, biometrics identify people to enable authorities to best work with the local communities to create the new core infrastructures.

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Military challenges pose tougher obstacles than commercial

April 10, 2014 | Biometrics   |   Unique Communities   |  0 Comments

It may seem obvious, but the demands placed on biometric systems by the military are far tougher than the commercial world. The unique environment in which we have to deploy military systems is typically without a reliable power supply and in an asynchronous format; that is with no reliable network connection.

Physically military systems have to be robust and rugged, survive challenging environmental factors such as water and sand, and foolproof as they may be in the hands of young military people on the front line, who have to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively, often under pressure.

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Biometrics in Military Operations

April 4, 2014 | Biometrics   |   Unique Communities   |  0 Comments

Recent asymmetric conflicts and peacekeeping missions have driven a surge in the adoption of biometrics in military operations, particularly of capture systems to confirm the identity of civilians by armed forces. This has led to a revolution in the way systems are deployed in remote locations, via portable rugged systems that offer full ABIS capability coupled with handheld devices to facilitate full mobility. These devices are backed up by sophisticated intelligence centrally managed systems that cross-check unique identifiers with behaviour and geographic location.

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Aviation identified as a key market as Jim Slevin appointed to board

March 17, 2014 | News   |   Human Recognition Systems   |   Airports   |  0 Comments

Jim Slevin, Aviation Managing Director at HRS, perfectly placed to drive strategic growth within sector

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British Aviation Group Members Day 2014

March 14, 2014 | Airports   |  0 Comments

On Wednesday 12th March, I presented to the 2014 British Aviation Group's Members Day at the EC Harris offices in central London. The objective of the day was to help promote networking and develop supply chain relationships – building links that help member companies to respond to business opportunities in the UK and overseas markets. With over 50 delegates and guest speakers from the Dublin Airport Authority and Fraport, the event was a credit to the British Aviation Group.

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