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MTrust smashes the 50,000 pass mark

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MTrust-smashes-50000-passesAfter just six months of processing pass applications for the UK Airport community, MTrust a revolutionary Airport ID Pass Application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the Cloud, has passed the 50,000 pass application mark.

In January, London Gatwick Airport became the first airport in the world to go paperless for its ID Pass application process, with MTrust providing the Gatwick ID Centre with a raft of workflow, communication, security and compliance tools to reduce the administrative overhead allowing agents to concentrate on security and the issuing of passes.

Over 9,000 passes in June

June alone saw Gatwick's 2,500 Authorised Signatories submit 9,000 pass applications through MTrust. And this is just the beginning. With another two major UK Airports using MTrust in the next month, we will soon be processing over 13,000 pass applications each and every month.

MTrust in numbers



MTrust at Gatwick


With the previous paper-based processes employed at Gatwick it would not have been feasible to support their plans for an additional 1,200 on-airport jobs by 2021/22.MTrust at Gatwick:

As Michael Ibbitson, CIO at Gatwick explained, “As we continue to grow, it was vital that our internal processes were in position to cope with the additional numbers of staff. So the benefits of MTrust to not just ourselves, but to our partners and on-airport customers were obvious.”

MTrust automatically checks all applications before they're submitted, reducing rejections by greater than 90% and allowing Airport ID centre vetting agents to concentrate on the important things. MTrust also gives Authorised Signatories total visibility of application status, allowing your agents to focus on security and not on incoming phone calls.

Discover MTrust and transform your ID Centre

The key innovation of MTrust is that Airport workers become Members in the system, allowing them to store their profile in perpetuity. When they leave one company to work for another whether at the same or another Airport, they simply resubmit their profile and MTrust automatically completes their Application only alerting them to gaps.

This innovation coupled with the ability to allow Authorised Signatories and individual applicants to check the status of their pass at any time has brought a new level of customer service into the ID Centre service.



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