22 May

Harish Lad

Update from the MTrust Product Development Team

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MTrust-Logo-108x40It's been an exciting couple of months as we work in partnership with one of the UK’s largest airports to deploy MTrust, a revolutionary new product that will change how all businesses build trust in the identities of their employees. As MTrust completely re-engineers existing processes, rather than automating them; it was vital to establish a team with a focus around client management and a development team with key skills in developing web applications optimised for a secure cloud deployment.

We adopted a product as opposed to a project development ethos, which has allowed us to focus on developing a highly configurable, information management system with applications in numerous identity markets.

To date the team has made great progress, achieving many goals including:

      • Capturing and analysing the operation and business requirements, all approved by the client.
      • Designed and implemented the top level architecture to support the key features of MTrust.
      • Implemented Full ID application, 30 day Temporary and 1-5 day pass application processes.
      • Implemented Airside Vehicle Permanent and Temporary Pass application process.
      • We gave considerable focus and attention to the design of the user interface. The result is a state of the art, configurable web application supporting all the popular browsers. And even if we say so ourselves, it is a thing of beauty!MTrust screenshot
      • These beautiful dashboards have now been implemented for both the Airport Authority and sponsor organisations (e.g. retailers, airlines and ground handlers).

We've also provided several ‘play back’ sessions with the client to ensure that their requirements are met and that the end user is involved in the development process.

The next few months are set to be just as exciting as we deploy MTrust in a staged manner. We fully understand the complexities of introducing a new product to a large user base, so deployment will start with an early trial for a sub-set of sponsor organisations. The cut-over into production will involve an effective training and communications plan along with a full support network to ensure a successful take up of the product.

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