MFlow: Helping London Gatwick achieve their busiest ever Easter

02/04/15 08:27 | News   |   Human Recognition Systems   |   Airports   |  0 Comments

Gatwick is preparing for its busiest ever Easter Bank Holiday weekend with half a million passengers expected to pass through the airport.

Staff will be extra busy when the airport welcomes up to 500,000 people between Friday and Monday – up 11% on last year. But MFlow, the world's only passenger flow management solution to use facial recognition, will help ensure that the passengers pass through the airport with minimal queues.

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Presentation to Passenger Terminal Expo 2015

11/03/15 14:20 | Airports   |  0 Comments

On 10th March 2015, I had the great pleasure of presenting to the Commercial Development, Concessions, Retail & Media conference at Passenger Terminal Expo 2015 at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. Passenger Terminal Expo provides a powerful international platform for the airport and airline sectors to interact and share common issues, goals and solutions about the airport industry, with a particular and unique focus on the terminal.

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Just how long can device tracking systems survive?

18/12/14 12:05 | Airports   |  0 Comments

It is a subject that we talk about a lot, but unfortunately for WiFi tracking systems and their customers, it is a subject that just won't go away.

This year alone we have seen iOS randomise a device's MAC address, security fears suggesting that devices could be stored in the hold and surrendered at check-in and now the latest blow is wearable technology that will block wireless signals.

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Airport security fears could render device tracking useless

11/12/14 13:17 | Biometrics   |   Airports   |  0 Comments

The Sunday Express has reported that amid fears of an Al Qaeda plot to blow up 5 planes over the Christmas period, a number of new airport security measures are being considered both in the UK and the US to reduce the threat.

The first is the banning of all hand luggage from all flights. The Sunday Express quoted a senior insider as saying, "We have many scares, but this one nearly got hand baggage pulled from all airlines. The threat is still alive and real."

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3rd Aviation IT Conference & Exhibition

28/11/14 13:57 | Biometrics   |   Airports   |  0 Comments

On Tuesday 25th November I presented to 3rd Aviation IT Conference at The Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. It was a great little event attended by senior IT professionals from airlines, airports and ground handlers from across Europe.

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MFlow – now available for live airport trials

22/10/14 13:30 | Airports   |  0 Comments

For airports who want to put the passenger experience at the heart of what they do. MFlow is a passenger flow management solution that uses facial recognition to measure and improve the passenger journey.

By ensuring passengers pass through the airport in the most efficient and easy manner as possible, MFlow increases dwell time in retail areas and passenger spend as it has been proven that happier passengers spend more in retail areas.

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iOS8 plot thickens, but have Airports had enough?

06/10/14 09:00 | Airports   |  0 Comments

The plot has thickened around iOS8 randomising their devices MAC address. There are rumours that Apple will now licence the algorithm behind the randomisation to corporations, giving them a backdoor to predict the next random address and associate it with the same device.

This might give WiFi tracking solutions a second chance, albeit with significant development costs; however, such a backdoor would not appease the privacy campaigners who have lobbied to make device tracking more difficult.

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How Are Biometrics Used In The UK?

02/10/14 12:55 | Biometrics   |   News   |   Human Recognition Systems   |  0 Comments

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The Future for Biometrics and Technology in Airports Pt. 2

23/09/14 11:00 | Airports   |  0 Comments

In the second part of his look at the future of biometrics and technology in Airports, Jim Slevin looks at potential security fears, cross border platforms and what Airports may learn from the Construction industry in the adoption of biometric technology.

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iOS8 randomises MAC address: is it the beginning of the end for WiFi tracking?

22/09/14 12:10 | Airports   |  2 Comments

It has been confirmed that iOS8 will randomise the WiFi Media Access Code (MAC) address of the world’s most popular mobile devices when searching for access points, only switching to the real hardware identifier when the user actually decides to connect.  

In a move to placate civil liberty concerns it will most likely be followed by the other major mobile device manufacturers, this will make all Apple devices increasingly untrackable by WiFi sensors used by airports to track passenger flow.

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