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I’d love to go to your aviation conference, but I’m at an aviation conference

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The-Team-Jim-SlevinLooking ahead in my diary the other day to see it was awash with upcoming Aviation conferences, AVSEC World, AOA Annual Conference, ACI Airport Exchange and Aviation IT to name but a few.

Forget the 31% growth in passenger demand by 2017 predicted by IATA, publications, events and conferences still seem to be the biggest growth area in the aviation industry! In fact I counted over 20 aviation exhibitions or conferences in October and November alone.

So many aviation conferences, so little time…

aviation-conferencesNovember is going to be a busy month for me, with Human Recognition Systems (HRS) exhibiting at the AOA Annual Conference & Exhibition, 10th-11th November in London, I'll then be speaking at the 3rd Aviation IT Conference and Exhibition in Dublin on 25th-26th November and attending ACI Airport Exchange in Paris on 2rd-3rd November. I will also be speaking at Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris on 10th-12th March 2015.

In my new role as Associate Director for HRS, I will be focussing on continuing to grow our International Business and building strategic partnerships for delivering our products across the world. So moaning aside, I would love to hear from anyone that would like to meet up at any of the events we are attending to speak to me about our products, potential partnerships or indeed about how technology is currently used and adopted by the aviation industry.

Contact Jim If you are interested in speaking to Jim about strategic partnerships or introducing MFlow and MTrust to your airport, please contact us today on +44 (0)333 456 2001 or complete our contact form.

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