21 Oct

Dan Rennie

Back to the Future Day: The Biometric Predictions That Came True

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12105843_961517090561951_8379321394634016890_n.pngToday, October 21st 2015, Marty McFly will arrive in our time from 1985 in Doc Brown's famous DeLorean. Back to the Future II had some pretty outlandish predictions for everyday technology in 2015, but some were surprisingly spot on

We may not have hovering skateboards, cars that can fly and self-lacing shoes, but along with the Pepsi Perfect bottle, biometric technology is something from the 80's sci-fi classic we can all recognise today. Arguably, it has transformed the world in more ways self-lacing shoes ever could.

In the film, we encounter commercial use of facial and fingerprint recognition, a distant dream for people at the time. But as everyone with the latest iPhone will know, biometric technology is now a firm part of our lives and this is only set to increase.  

For over 14 years, we're proud to say that we have been at the forefront of bringing biometric technology to a wide variety of industries all across the globe. It's true, we haven't made any hoverboards, but our products have revolutionised the way in which human identification is secured and automated. As we continue to innovate, we hope to make workforce solutions for safe, secure, compliant working environments an everyday reality.

Why not check out our 'History of Firsts' page to see how we've helped to bring technologies unthinkable in the past to our world today.


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