28 May

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So you think you know Human Recognition Systems?

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Neil Norman - Founder HRS

In the early days of Human Recognition Systems, I used to end the week by asking “who’s heard about us this week?” Frankly, it doesn’t matter about the great things you are doing if no-one knows about them and this is an attempt to share some of the exciting and pioneering work we have been doing and what Products we have been building behind the scenes. It is a small window into HRS and I hope you like it!


As we go to “print”, I find myself back in the hot seat having been re-appointed as CEO in February. Second time round, things are different, very different: we have a strong pedigree behind us with world-class products established in their target markets and reference sites that Jack Welch would be proud of, so this time I and the Human Recognition Systems team have a higher platform to spring from and do what we do best: disrupt the markets we choose to enter through applied identity innovation, getting people to think differently. So what’s on the horizon I hear you cry? Let me share some of the things we are planning:

  • Launch of MTrust in Q3: this is a game-changer in the Identity space, initially for the Airport community, before being rolled out to the Construction and other markets. With over 4 years of development man-years invested, it will be the biggest first-time-release in our history. For the market however, it will change the way Airports build trust in the identities of their staff, whilst making the whole process simpler by taking it securely online.
  • Launch of MSkills in Q4: coupled together with our award-winning MSite product for physical access control and the above MTrust, the MSkills product will cement our I AM strategy: Right Person, Right Skills, Right place. Unique in the market place, by connecting trusted identity to a current skills profile, for the first time an organisation can decide to allow someone access to their facilities or assets based on the real identity and skills profile.
  • Reinvigoration of our R&D Capability: R&D has been the cornerstone of our success for 13 years and I plan to re-invest and re-focus this capability, so that we take the risks and prove the concepts before we bring our innovation to you, our customers.

There is much to be excited about in the coming year, but perhaps most importantly, whilst we have been on a steep learning experience these past 13 years, with scars to show, we intend to invest in our innovative approach and bring to market new product-classes, helping to re-invent the way people leverage identity in their businesses. So, working with our developers, engineers, consultants and market specialists, I intend to revitalise our non-conformist roots and translate the excitement we feel building these solutions into products that will change the way you work. That’s a promise.

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