22 May

Ian Cushion

10 things we didn't know last quarter...

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Each quarter we will look back at the previous quarter and summarise the top 10 things we discovered that we didn't know before...

  1. 10 things we didn't knowWhat an inspirational person Stephen Sutton was. RIP Stephen...
  2. Our home city of Liverpool would be the centre of global business as it hosts the International Festival for Business 2014.
  3. Data Protection will be a big issue in 2014 for Construction firms and their IT departments in particular.
  4. That Premier League chief executive, Richard Scudamore, is allegedly sexist.
  5. Bluetooth airport passenger flow capture rates are as low as 2%.
  6. The World Cup starts in Brazil in just 20 days and counting. Do England have a chance or in the words of Alan Hansen, "you'll win nothing with kids"?
  7. Speaking of a shortage of skill, we didn't know that the skills shortage in the Construction industry would bite so early. 61% of building contractors said it was difficult to hire bricklayers in Q1 compared to 41% in Q4 2013 and just 10% in the same period last year.
  8. 20-25% of Airport ID Pass applications are initially rejected by the airport due to paper based administrative errors.
  9. Two sporting giants in Ryan Giggs and Jonny Wilkinson would retire on the same day...
  10. Pfizer could be accused of acquiring Astra Zenica simply to avoid paying US Corporation tax, whilst our National Treasure, Gary Barlow, thinks he is the Queen and doesn''t like paying taxes!

What do you know now that you didn't know last quarter? Get in touch and let us know and we'll include it our next newsletter.

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