15 May

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Shell bolsters security & safety in challenging oilfield environment

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Deployment of Human Recognition Systems’ MSite Mobile enables live mobile mustering and access points to be established in Middle East oilfield.

Shell logoHuman Recognition Systems (HRS), a leader in Identity Assured Management solutions, has developed MSiteTM Mobile to enable Shell, the global energy and petrochemical group, to rapidly establish access and mustering points at a a large oilfield in the Middle East. The handheld identity registration platform was deployed by Restrata, a global leader in systems integration in the oil and gas sector, and provides Shell with onsite workforce location information in real-time.

Spanning over 1,000 square kilometres, the site is one of the largest and richest oil fields in the world, with estimated oil reserves of 23-25 billion barrels. MSite Mobile uses RFID cards to accurately identify Shell’s workforce and deliver a streamlined process of recording and reporting worker access. The technology delivers time and attendance data for sites that have no fixed perimeter, a benefit for the large and developing site, providing Shell with the ability to establish instant mustering points in response to incidents and instantly provide emergency services with key information on missing or injured persons.

Providing a fully Lenel OAAP certified mobile extension to OnGuard through the introduction of handheld readers, MSite Mobile has been built using open standards architecture, allowing for flexible integration into the company’s existing access control infrastructure. It provides reliability to operate in rugged and challenging environments, but maintains the flexibility to deliver benefits in a developing industrial landscape.

“Knowing the number and locations of all employees and providing instant mobile mustering is essential to allow operators to obtain the information necessary to enable rapid response to incidents and to inform correct Health and Safety measures and procedures,” states Neil Norman, CEO at Human Recognition Systems. “The deployment of MSite Mobile meets Shell’s needs in the harsh and remote geography of the oilfield. It has enabled mobile checkpoints and mustering stations to be quickly established around the critical infrastructure, providing a proven and secure system to accurately identify and manage its workforce.”

“HRS’ MSite Mobile access control solution provides mustering capabilities and identity verification to Shell as an integrated extension to the existing physical access control system. The technology supports the aim to raise oil production by enabling personnel spot checks to be performed and by providing Shell with real-time roll-call information.”

MSite Mobile uses an integrated RFID reader to read workers’ MIFARE smart cards and leveraging WiFi communication. The versatile mobile solution enables Shell’s workforce to safely operate across wider and remote geographic areas where the installation of fixed access control card readers and equipment would not be possible.

Neil Norman, CEO at Human Recognition Systems, concludes, “At a time of significant growth for the industry, MSite Mobile represents best practice and should become the industry standard to minimise the impact of future incidents in the international oil and gas sector. We are pleased to bring our vast experience in providing mobile identity solutions across similar high security industries to Shell.”

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