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Biometrics make sense for student attendance monitoring

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Jon BusbyRecently there have been a number of negative press articles raising concerns about the use of biometrics to record international students' attendance. As Human Recognition Systems can implement our MVerify student attendance monitoring system via mobile fingerprint readers, we felt it necessary to address these concerns and explain why the use of biometrics makes sense for the lecturers, the education institutions and the students.

As you will know, Tier 4 requirements mean education institutions have to report on the attendance of their international students. International students have already had to enrol their biometric data with the Home Office and biometrics are the most fool-proof and proven way of validating an international student’s identity and attendance at a lecture as required by their visa. We do not store fingerprint image data, only an encrypted template that is unique to the institution, meaning:

  • there is no infringement of civil liberties
  • the mobile solution allows the teacher to start attendance at an appropriate time providing assurance around attendance information captured (wall mounted and card based systems allow for misuse)

MVerify also takes away the burden of manual registers that infringe upon teaching time and require a large amount of manual administration. By simply passing the MVerify device around the teaching session, the teaching can start immediately with the attendance information automatically uploaded to the university systems.

MVerify is not a security system, it is a business information system with convenience and usability at its core. MVerify enables education institutions to reduce costs, increase education time and boost student engagement and retention. Tier 4 only requires limited interactions with international students per term, whereas MVerify is used across all attendance points improving engagement with students, leading to better student retention and improved grades through improved attendance.

Put simply, MVerify and its use of biometrics solves a complex problem with a convenient and usable solution for lecturers, teaching institutions and most importantly the students themselves.

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