10 Oct

Ian Cushion

University of Sunderland London Campus deploys student biometric attendance verification platform

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Human Recognition Systems helps University meet its Home Office Tier 4 obligations more efficiently

University of Sunderland logoHuman Recognition Systems (HRS), a leader in total biometric solutions, has implemented a unique student identity and attendance verification platform for over 1,500 students at the University of Sunderland’s London Campus.

The institution aims to simplify and reduce administration effort meeting Tier 4 requirements, through HRS’ MVerify platform which enables the automated capture and verification of student identity documentation. The solution also helps the university to reduce the impact of the student registration process during teaching sessions via the automated capture and reporting of student attendance.

University of Sunderland - London CampusThe London Campus previously used spreadsheets for student management, with tutors taking paper-based registers at the beginning of every lecture in order to capture and report on attendance. MVerify has made mobile attendance capture possible via student self-registration. Using hand-held devices featuring an integrated fingerprint reader, pupils rapidly verify their identity and thereby register their attendance by presenting their finger to the device. This removes the need for the taking of a lecturer-led register, helping to save valuable teaching time.

MVerify also allows the university’s London Campus to automate the capture of document data from student passports and visas, with images of the document and its information verified and stored within five seconds. MVerify’s cloud-based application provides real-time visibility and reporting of document and attendance data which can be exported into the university’s existing Student Information System, Tribal SITS:Vision to deliver a fully integrated management and reporting solution.

The streamlined platform has led to a significant reduction in the amount of time spent processing admissions; removed the capacity for manual error; as well as reducing cost whilst allowing the more effective allocation of human resources.

“University admissions and monitoring student attendance effectively is a time and resource-intensive process,” states Ruth Davison, Student Relations and Compliance Manager at the University of Sunderland London Campus. “In order to ensure our students receive the highest quality education, we sought a solution that would minimise the effect of administration on the teaching session. Additionally, MVerify provides us with a platform to increase course attendance, helping to boost academic performance and improve student retention.”

“MVerify is assisting the University of Sunderland London Campus not only from an educational, but also an operational perspective. Document automation and attendance capture is delivered in a single package, with the added convenience of integrating with the university’s existing systems,” commentsJon Busby, Business Development at HRS. “Our cloud-based platform removes the costs often associated with internal infrastructure and provides the university with a real-time overview of student registration and attendance. The University of Sunderland is clearly leading the way in its adoption of the solution and we look forward to extending the benefits to additional educational institutions seeking to make similar efficiencies.”

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