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The Business Case for a Student Attendance Management System

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Jon BusbyA recent study by the Higher Education Better Regulation Group found that UK universities spent around £67 million in 2012/13 to meet their Home Office Tier 4 obligations, £27 million more than originally anticipated. While adapting to new guidelines can be costly, it remains a fact that the majority of educational institutions are still using time-consuming and expensive manual / semi-automated processes to meet these requirements.

Reduce the cost and complexity with MVerify

The MVerify student attendance management system automatically captures student passport/ visa information in seconds, recording the document number, type, start/ expiry dates and full page images, significantly reducing administration time, costs and risks.

Hand-held attendance capture devices automate the student attendance process; ensuring lecturers can concentrate on teaching and administration staff are free for other tasks.

MVerify can also integrate with your Student Information System (SIS) to deliver a fully integrated management and reporting solution, optimising efficiency.

New, simple and flexible pricing...

Human Recognition Systems have introduced a new rental model for MVerify based on a simple principle: a monthly charge per device and a subscription data plan for the number of students supported.

student attendance monitoring business case


To find out how our solutions can help simplify your student attendance monitoring and document management processes, download the business case below, call us on +44 (0)151 254 2888 or Enquire Now

* Saving of £96,000 p/a is based on the assumption that 4 members of admin staff can be re-deployed.
** Pricing per device per month is based on a standard 3 year contract. All pricing excludes VAT.

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