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Universities look to optimise cost of Tier 4 compliance

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Jon BusbyJon Busby, Business Development Specialist at Human Recognition Systems, explores the impact of Tier 4 compliance and the steps educational institutions are beginning to take to reduce this:

“The traditional way of capturing student enrolment was changed with the introduction of the Tier 4 points system in 2009, ensuring improved compliance and robust recordkeeping. It was recently announced, however, that in the last year universities have spent £27m more than originally anticipated to adhere to the Tier 4 system. While adapting to new guidelines can be confusing, it remains a fact that the majority of educational institutions are using time-consuming and expensive manual processes. This usually involves HR-intensive methods such as administrators scanning passports, manually entering data into an outdated system or filling out paper-based records.

“The education market has had to adapt to various rules and regulations from the Home Office. Combined with large fluctuations in student numbers, it has been incredibly difficult for universities to predict how much these manual processes are costing them. The industry is now reaching a tipping point as universities realise the full extent of the cost and look to move from labour-intensive procedures to automated solutions. Cloud-based offerings, such as MVerify, can enrol a whole student population with only a few document verification devices needed on site. Furthermore, mobile attendance capture removes the need for expensive, rigid infrastructure, automating the student attendance process, plus also freeing up university staff time to focus on other activities.”

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